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Is It Ever Okay To Eat Charcuterie With Your Fingers?
While you’re out to have a fancy meal, you may find yourself in front of the perfect charcuterie board and face the dilemma of how to approach it. Moreover, charcuterie boards can be awfully fancy. So, is it appropriate to eat off of a charcuterie board barehanded or do you need to help yourself to the various food items with a fork or other utensil?
Thankfully, per, you can use your hands to eat the delectable assorted cheeses and meats. Amy Sherman finds that charcuterie boards are typically made to be eaten by multiple people, which is why it's perfectly acceptable to use your fingers.
In the absence of toothpicks or cocktail forks, you can also make use of your digits to clean the plate. Sherman also urges to not worry too much about the etiquettes and enjoy the platter. Instead of being cautious about your behavior, just savor the experience of sharing food and use your fingers to your heart’s content.