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Is Subway Getting Rid Of A Fan-Favorite Bread?

Subway is known for its customizable sandwiches, and each customer has their own favorite ingredients that they always order on their subs. However, Subway must adapt to inflation and supply chain issues to survive in the competitive fast food industry, and one online rumor suggested that a fan-favorite bread option has been discontinued.

In a post on Reddit's r/Subway forum, an employee wrote, "my manager told me we're discontinuing Italian herb & cheese bread. Is this happening to anyone else's stores also?". Other users pointed out that the store's situation may be the result of supply chain issues, which is not necessarily the same as discontinuing the option forever.

One Redditor wrote, "there's currently a supply chain shortage of the Parmesan oregano bread topping going around all across the country. Which they expect is only temporary, not permanent." Another commenter reaffirmed this statement, but also alleged that Subway's chicken breast option is being discontinued.

Customers were glad that their favorite bread won't be gone forever; one user wrote, "If they get rid of the Italian herb and cheese bread, we'll have a lot of customers quit eating [S]ubway. Because that's how popular that bread is." Subway has yet to confirm supply chain issues or the discontinuation of its chicken breast.