ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES - 2012/07/19: Boardwalk food vendor stand. (Photo by John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images)

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It Costs More Than You Might Think To Run A Hot Dog Stand In NYC
Your hot dog stand needs to be in a spot with one prime element: people. Setting up shop in premium areas like near the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art means contending with dozens of others vendors who also want the spot. In fact, you’ll have to shell out $125,170 for the license to sell your goods outside the Met.
As of now, the cheapest spot in New York is Inwood Park, for $700 dollars per year, while places like Central Park or the Met will cost you up to $200,000 dollars, depending on how prime the spot is. Outside factors like inflation and taxes can also cause the price tag to fluctuate.
One example is Mohammad Mustafa, who pays the city $289,500 dollars annually to keep his spot, which used to be only $120,000 dollars, a decade back. The average hourly rate a hot dog vendor will make is $15 dollars an hour, meaning that in order to pay the "rent" on your spot, you must work morning to night all day, every day, to break even.