Exterior view of ALDI supermarket and shoppes


January Aldi Finds To Refresh Your Kitchen For 2024
The Home Apothecary Glass Jar Set has two glass set options to choose from. For $9.99, you can get a clear set in three sizes or an iridescent quilted pattern in two sizes.
Milk Frother
For $7.99, coffee and latte drinkers can pick up a black, blue, or white handheld Milk Frother or a stainless steel Frothing Pitcher.
Crofton Stoneware Canisters are back for $4 less than last year at $9.99. The versatile white container with a wooden lid and spoon can store coffee, sugar, and flour.
Wrap Organizer
For $14.99, the Huntington Home Wrap Organizer can be hung on your wall, set upright on your countertop, or put inside the drawer as a more tidy way to keep your wraps.
Air Fryer
Ambino’s 3-quart Digital Air Fryer for $39.99 has mixed reviews, but one Redditor said their 2020 version was still going strong in 2022.