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King Charles’ Coronation May Involve History’s Most Terrifying Pie
The coronation of King Charles III will be an extravagant affair, as regal authority is officially passed to the sovereign. The ceremony will include many ancient traditions such as the donning of the royal crown — loaded with 5 pounds of solid gold — and a rather off-putting pie.
English royals have declared lamprey a delicacy, and the fanged, carnivorous, parasitic fish is the pie-filling of choice for the upcoming ceremony. The tradition dates back to the Middle Ages, when the city of Gloucester sent their monarchs lamprey pies as a symbol of appreciation.
The tradition eventually ended, and lamprey is now a protected species in England. Michigan, however, has an abundance of lamprey, and in 2012, Americans sent a batch of the invasive fish across the pond for the Queen’s 60th jubilee, and will do so again for the new king.