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Kirkland Signature Products That Are Better Than The Brand Name Original
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Although olive oil is an excellent ingredient with loads of health benefits, it is pretty expensive. Thus, chef Samin Nosrat has revealed that one of her favorite varieties comes straight from the Kirkland Signature brand that’s pretty tasty and cheap.
Animal Crackers
The Kirkland Signature Animal Crackers brand may have animal shapes that seem rather purely cut out of the cookie dough, but the taste comes up with good vanilla flavor and a pleasingly smooth texture. Between the taste and the affordable price, these are a better buy than the original.
Tasters compared the Ancient Grain Kirkland granola to a similar competitor from Nature Valley and found the Kirkland Signature to be surprisingly rich and complex with a greater variety of ingredients. It also had whole grains that deepened the taste of the granola.
Peanut Butter Pretzels
The Kirkland Signature pretzel bites are a superior alternative to the original and despite having a higher calorie count than the Good Health bites, the former is full of creamy, smooth peanut butter flavor. Moreover, Kirkland’s bites are simply a better deal.
Rumor has long had it that Grey Goose brand vodka and Kirkland Signature vodka are the same, though that's probably not true. This doesn't mean that the Kirkland stuff isn't worth your while, especially when tasters have routinely preferred it over more hyped brands.