NEW YORK - APRIL 19:  Actor Leslie Jordan attends the opening night of "My Trip Down The Pink Carpet" at The Midtown Theater on April 19, 2010 in New York City.  (Photo by Steven A Henry/WireImage)

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Leslie Jordan's Cornbread Making Skills Were Crackling
On October 24, "Will & Grace" actor Leslie Jordan passed away at age 67 after suffering a medical emergency and crashing his car into a wall. In addition to being on TV shows and making funny Instagram videos during the pandemic, Jordan was also known for his talent in the kitchen — including his cornbread making skills.
Jordan got the recipe for a savory cornbread from his grandmother, along with her secret to making it crispy and fluffy. During a 2021 podcast with Allrecipes, Jordan shared, "You got to have a little bacon grease. I heat my cast iron with the bacon grease on the stove and then pour that batter in so it'll be crisp on the outside but before you put it in the oven."
Jordan’s grandmother’s recipe also calls for leaving the batter lumpy to help improve the bread’s moisture; per America's Test Kitchen, lumps prevent the mixture from becoming too thin and ensure the baked product rises. Jordan ended the podcast by comically adding, "Everybody has a cornbread recipe. The best is just off the cornmeal box.”