mashed potatoes in a bowl


Making Instant Mashed Potatoes? Mix In The Canned Kind For Better Texture
If you want to improve the taste and texture without extra effort, adding a can of cooked new potatoes is an excellent way to upgrade your instant mashed side dish.
First, drain and rinse the canned potatoes, then boil them in a pan with ¼ cup of milk. Once cooked, lightly mash them before adding instant potatoes.
Once they're mixed in, you can mash until the desired consistency and lumpiness. Their addition will camouflage that your mashed potatoes aren't made from scratch.
Canned potatoes are a great source of potassium and B6, so you can discreetly improve your instant potatoes' texture and increase nutritional value.
Mix in olive oil, butter, and herbs for additional flavor, or thicken the texture with sour cream, cream cheese, or Boursin cheese for a slight tang.