Martha Steward smiling at an event


Martha Stewart's Trick For Loosening A Tight Jar Lid
Martha Stewart, known for her culinary wisdom, shares a clever trick for effortlessly loosening tight jar lids. It involves one trusty office product: rubber bands.
The key to this method lies in the science behind friction and grip. When a jar's lid is tightly shut, it creates a strong vacuum inside and forms a seal that feels impenetrable.
Rubber bands, with their elastic properties, provide excellent grip and traction. When wrapped around the lid's rim, they enhance friction, which is crucial for loosening the seal.
As you twist the lid counterclockwise, the rubber bands conform to your hand, increasing the surface area in contact with the jar. This allows for more force with less effort.
The rubber band also absorbs some of the pressure you exert when turning the lid, thereby reducing the strain on your hand and wrist and lessening the chance of injury.