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McDonald's Employee Has TikTok Shook After Exposing This Drive Thru Fact

Typically, a trip to the McDonald's drive-thru is a relatively private affair, but a recent TikTok suggests that it might not be as private as customers think. One U.K. McDonald’s employee uploaded a TikTok where he said workers can hear everything drive-thru customers say, adding that McDonald’s even takes their picture.

Many people said the TikTok gave them anxiety about going through the drive-thru, while one questioned the legality of the whole thing. While employees confirmed that they could hear everything in the drive-thru, some dismissed the claim of photography.

If you think being able to hear your drive-thru conversations is invasive, that’s just the beginning. McDonald's has also been testing drive-thru systems that use artificial intelligence, which will remember repeat customers and present them with menu options based on their previous orders.

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