A McDonald's sign board.

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McDonald’s Finally Has A Triple Cheeseburger On Its Menu
McDonald’s recently introduced its first triple cheeseburger, and it might offer an economical alternative to some of their pricier sandwiches. The burger is currently in the market testing stage, but McDonald's features the item on its website, so it seems likely that it may be added to the nationwide menu soon.
This triple cheeseburger is priced at $2.79, and apparently McDonald's intends their new sandwich to be a value item rather than a premium one. Still, either the burger or the price is meant as a "limited-time offer," so there's no guarantee that they will remain this way for very long.
With 540 calories, the triple cheeseburger has fewer calories than the Quarter Pounder with bacon, the double Quarter Pounder with cheese, and the large Shamrock Shake. The new burger may not be a diet food, but for some people, it could make for a cheap meal that won't blow their daily calorie budget.