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Meet Phoodle, The Latest Wordle Knockoff Fans Can't Get Enough Of
Phoodle is a five-letter single-word guessing game akin to Wordle, wherein you have six chances to guess a word. However, in Phoodle, — which was announced on May 9, 2022, by its creator, Julie Loria (an art dealer and cookbook author) — the words are "food-related," and include anything "from appliances to famous chefs and more."
As with Wordle, each time you guess a word, you'll be shown which letters are in the actual word, which aren't, and which are but are in the wrong order. Phoodle is the only game that gives you a fun fact about the correct answer after you finish guessing and the little chef's hat icon at the top-righthand side of the screen lets you click on the fact later — for future reference.
Just like Wordle and its offsprings, including Dordle, Octordle, Quordle, and Lewdle — Phoodle, has been nothing short of fanatical. However, the game has some minor bugs — for example, it doesn't keep a record of how you've been doing or how often you've been playing, which is a feature that Wordle players appreciate.
No sooner had Phoodle launched, than Martha Stewart, herself, got busy making everyone else look like amateurs. Stewart may well have been the first celebrity chef to post about Phoodle, if not the first celebrity, and she was certainly the first person who was observed solving the puzzle in an enviable three guesses.