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Miller Lite Vs Bud Light: Everything You Need To Know
While Miller Lite discovered its original recipe by taking over the Meister Brau brewery in Chicago after it went bankrupt, Bud Light was introduced in 1982 as a direct result of consumers' evolving needs. With such wildly different origins, here are the differences between the brands’ tastes and production.
Both Bud Light and Miller Lite share multiple similarities, including the same ABV of 4.2% and also fall under the category of Lite American Macro Lagers, characterized by a crisp taste with a light body and flavor. A notable difference for fans of “diet” beer — Miller Lite only has 96 calories per can while Bud Light contains 110.
Regarding production, MillerCoors uses corn syrup in its mix, whereas Bud Light uses a mash that contains rice. When it comes to taste, “Draft Mag” calls Miller Lite “nutty,” which can draw or push away customers based on their preferences, while Bud Light has a smoother mouth feel, so it’s easier to drink in fast-paced environments.