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Mistakes Everyone Makes When Making Baked Potatoes
The Wrong Potato
While russets are starchy potatoes that soften up under heat, waxy red potatoes are a poor choice for baked potatoes, since they tend to hold their shape and won't cave under high temperatures. For consistent results, go for medium-sized potatoes.
Not Soaking in Water
Not soaking your potatoes in cold water before baking leaves your spuds tasting bland. Soak your potatoes in water with a pinch of salt, and let them rest for no longer than two hours, or else you’ll end up with soggy spuds without any good texture and flavor.
Not Drying the Potatoes
Skipping the part where you need to dry your potatoes before baking leads to a soggy potato mess without the golden crisp exterior. Dry the spuds with clean towels or napkins to remove any moisture after washing, scrubbing, and soaking your potatoes.
Forgetting the Microwave
If your oven’s heat is too low, the heat fails to penetrate the potato skin and soften the insides. Pre-cooking the spuds in the microwave for three to four minutes is all you need to get the perfect finished potatoes.
Baking in Foil
Baking your potatoes in foil is always a no-no unless you want a soggy mess of potatoes. Wrapping potatoes in foil simply traps the moisture and ruins any flavor or texture your potatoes might have.