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Mistakes Everyone Makes When Ordering Food From KFC
Not Getting Additions
KFC has some of the best mashed potatoes and gravy around, and instead of just getting it as a side, you can ask to add it to just about any item on the menu. Similarly, you won’t find a lot of bacon on the KFC menu, but you can always ask to add it to your sandwiches, wraps, bowls, and more.
Getting Ice In Drinks
According to a former employee, the ice at KFC sits in a small cooler for a long time, making it easy for your ice to get contaminated. Ice machines can also become a breeding ground for mold, so it’s best to just order your drinks without ice — besides, you’ll get more of the drink this way.
Not Getting The Meal
The chain offers great deals on its meals, but if you get a side or an entree on its own, the price shoots up astronomically. For example, only ordering mashed potatoes and gravy or mac and cheese can cost over $3 depending on the location, but the cost drops to less than $2 with a meal.
Skipping Location Specialties
You should try KFC’s different specialties at different locations: you can find fried livers and gizzards in some parts of the U.S., shrimp burgers in China, cheese-topped burgers in the Philippines, and deep-fried corn soup in Japan. Other specialties include egg tarts, shrimp donuts, and porridge.
Not Hacking The Menu
Not knowing how to hack your orders is another big mistake. For example, one hack is to build the infamous yet popular Double Down — which replaces sandwich buns with two deep-fried chicken patties to contain bacon, cheese, and sauce — by ordering the ingredients if it’s unavailable.