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Mistakes Everyone Makes When Ordering Food From Subway
Cold Cookies
While Subway offers cookies like chocolate chip, raspberry cheesecake, and white chip macadamia nut, these cookies aren't served warm. However, you can ask your sub artist to pop the cookies in the microwave for 5-10 seconds to get them hot and melty.
Adding Mayo Last
To avoid a giant glob of mayo down the center of your sandwich, ask to add mayo to the bread first, so it can be spread evenly over the bun before adding other toppings. This can make the sandwich neater and also improves its overall flavor.
Cold Peppers And Onions
According to a user on Reddit, you can ask your sub artist to load up your sandwich with onions and peppers before toasting it, which will make your peppers and onions softer and sweeter. Just remember that certain veggies, like spinach and lettuce, aren’t fit for toasting.
Oil And Cheese Last
A former Subway employee on Reddit suggests asking for oil and cheese to be added to your bread first to allow the oil to soak in, making toasted bread softer. Adding cheese on top of this makes for a gooey and melty texture that’s the perfect base for your sandwich.
Ignoring The Process
Your sub artist makes your sammie in a particular order, so try your best to order your sandwich in the order in which it is made. Keep any customizations to your sandwich simple, since too many out of order can lead to disaster.