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Mistakes Everyone Makes While Cooking Spam

Contrary to popular belief, Spam is already cooked before it’s packaged, and it is completely safe to eat straight out of the can. While uncooked Spam might not have the most desirable texture, it does work great for camping or other situations where cooking might be difficult.

Needs to be Cooked
While Spam is an incredibly versatile food, especially for camping, it should never be cooked in its unopened can, as it will most certainly result in an explosion. Although not a common mistake, it’s always imperative to take the meat out of the can before cooking it over an open fire.
Cooking in the Can

Spam's "best by" date is generally about three years from when it was manufactured, so, provided the can hasn't been damaged or opened in any way, a can of Spam will keep for a long time. Once opened, Spam should last sealed, in the refrigerator, for around seven to 10 days.

Eating it Right Away
The high concentrations of sodium nitrate and salt in Spam act as preservatives, preventing Spam from spoiling as quickly as other meats. However, once you open a can of Spam, it is very important to refrigerate all of the leftover Spam to avoid any food borne illnesses.
Not Refrigerating

Spam is not a typical cold cut and, therefore, it should not be sliced as thin. To keep other ingredients from overpowering its taste, slice your Spam about a quarter-inch thick. This works great in Spam musubi — the Spam-meets-sushi snack that's become a staple of Hawaiian cuisine — and in a sandwich.

Slicing it Too Thin