A variety of healthy toasts with vegetables, seeds and microgreens. Colorful, plant-based vegan snacks.


Mistakes Everyone Makes With Avocado Toast
Unripe Avocados
Ensure your avocados are ripe for silky texture and rich flavor. If the skin is bright green, it’s still unripe; give it a few more days at room temperature.
Overripe Avocados
Brown, mushy avocados have a slippery, almost slimy consistency, and lack flavor. Easily spot them by their dark brown skin, often matte rather than shiny.
Experiment with different types of bread to discover your favorite. Sourdough has a tangy undertone, brioche adds a touch of sweetness, and whole-grain is nutty and earthy.
The ideal toasted bread is crispy on the exterior and slightly chewy in the center. Under-toasted bread becomes soggy quickly and distracts from the flavor.
Without seasoning, avocado toast can be bland; even just salt and pepper will enhance it. Give it a punch with red pepper flakes, garlic powder, minced garlic, or herbs.