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Most Of Costco's Recent Earnings Came From An Unexpected Source

Inflation affects just about every aspect of everyday life. Goods cost more, and the dollar buys less. Comparatively speaking, people can't afford as much now as they could a year ago, even for those with higher wages.

With all the items one can buy at Costco, gas, in particular, is a huge draw for customers, as it's cheap compared to other gas stations. But because of nationwide inflation, Costco gas prices are no longer significantly lower than those of other gas stations.

Despite the rise in gas prices, Costco still saw an increase in its gas sales this past quarter. The chain's total sales increased 16.3%, says the Motley Fool, with gas sales accounting for around 5%. Between the chain's lower prices and higher customer satisfaction, it's clear that Costco has a secret weapon in its battle against inflation.