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Noel Fielding's Heartbreaking, Personal Tribute To Queen Elizabeth
September 8, 2022, marked the end of the reign of the U.K.'s longest-running monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. Apart from attending in-person ceremonies and a vigil outside Buckingham palace, many public figures, including “The Great British Bake Off" host Noel Fielding, turned to social media to relay their appreciation of the late queen.
Soon after the news of the queen's death became public, Fielding took to Instagram to share his drawing of the queen standing on the moon with the caption "Rest in peace x." Rahul Mandal, the "GBBO" Season 9 winner, posted a heartfelt comment on Fielding's post, stating the queen remained in fans' hearts "with her bright, encouraging smile."
Although the drawing was a unique tribute and several social media followers appreciated Fielding's depiction of the queen, some Instagram users didn't support the post. One user stated, "I thought you were better than this," while another referred to Fielding as "artistically open-minded but politically reactive."