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Olive Garden's Returning Dessert Has The Internet Drooling
If you've dined out or shopped in the bakery aisle of a grocery store recently, you've likely noticed the return of pumpkin-themed treats. For fall of 2022, food brands and restaurants are getting more creative and thinking beyond pumpkin pie and lattes, and Olive Garden is bringing back a fall dessert that's anything but boring.
When the Italian-American restaurant chain teased a new change to its dessert menu on Instagram, many commenters had high hopes that the seasonal pumpkin cheesecake would return. A later announcement from Olive Garden confirmed that the pumpkin cheesecake will indeed be rejoining the menu for a limited time.
The pumpkin-flavored cheesecake topped with a caramel drizzle will likely draw in tons of customers; one Instagram commenter wrote, "reasons why i go to olive garden every week", while another called the cheesecake "Perfect as the other Olive Garden desserts." Hurry to your local Olive Garden before this treat disappears from the menu.