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Once Popular Frozen Foods That No One Eats Anymore
Red Baron Pizza
Red Baron Pizza was quick to become a classic lazy dinner upon being released in 1976. However, following the launch of DiGiorno in 1995, they continued to slip in sales, and as of 2021, Red Baron had a meager 21% market share.
Toaster Strudel Pastries
This Pillsbury treat that was loved by every kid back in the day may now be harder to find in the frozen aisle. Labor shortages at production plants, supply chain issues, lack of sourcing materials, and inflation have caused an “acute supply shortage,” per CNN.
Fish Sticks
Though fish sticks are praised for being an excellent source of protein, most are made with cod or pollock, meaning they’re laced with trans fats and high levels of sodium. Moreover, it is feared that permanent supply chain issues could hurt the industry already affected by high frozen food demands and job layoffs.
Boca Burgers
Labeled as the original vegetarian burger, Boca Burger was the forefather of plant-based patties but now has been left to accumulate dust in the frozen food aisle. With plant-based brands like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat having revenues in the billions, Boca Food's sales hover under five million dollars.
Orange Juice Concentrate
Frozen orange juice concentrate was affordable and rich in nutrients, but it lacked the fiber found in whole fruit and often had added sugar and preservatives. Its popularity dwindled in the 1980s, and only 1.4 million Americans were drinking frozen concentrate as of 2015.