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Papa Johns Just Scored A Touchdown With Its New Pizza

Papa Johns has been stepping up its innovation game: the pizza chain recently released a limited-time "House of the Dragon"-themed Dragon Flame pizza, as well as new menu fixtures such as Papa Bowls (basically pizza without the bread). Now, the company has announced a new offering specially for football season.

Papa Johns will offer their very own Football Pizza starting August 29th, 2022; the item is described as a "a crispy thin crust" shaped like a football "topped with cheese and Papa Johns signature pepperoni." The chain actually surveyed football fans to figure out the perfect fan-favorite topping, and pepperoni it is.

"Football Pizza is just another fun way for us to bring our premium ingredients to consumers, during a key pizza-eating occasion," said Papa Johns Senior Vice President of Menu Strategy and Product Innovation. YouTube reviewer The Endorsement found the pizza well-rounded in terms of crunch and flavor, and rated it an 88/100.