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Paula Deen's Sheet Pan Pork Couldn't Be Easier
Paula Deen’s sheet pan pork recipe is a simple yet lovely presentation that will work wonders on a busy weeknight. While all the ingredients for the meal can be found at your local grocery store, Deen emphasizes that pork tenderloin, in particular, is needed for her recipe.
Deen’s sheet pan pork recipe works best in a baking tray and she preheats her oven to 425°F so that it's hot already by the time it's needed. Deen recommends adding the cherry tomatoes and green beans after the pork has been cooking for 30 minutes to ensure the veggies aren’t burnt to a crisp along with the pork.
Meals are cooked in more than one pot because different recipes require specific cooking temperatures, so this simple trick feels like a cooking revolution. Roasts tend to leave a stubborn residue at the bottom of pots or pans, so Deen lines her pan with tinfoil, which makes cleaning a breeze.