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People Are Scoring Big By Taking Advantage Of Costco's Return Policy
A return policy is crucial for retailers to have in order to gain customers' trust, yet it is frequently abused by those with dubious intentions. While many people return products honestly, in August 2022, both honest and dishonest returns are making it possible for some people to profit from Costco's return policy.
A Redditor posted on the r/Costco subreddit about a $10 air fryer deal with the caption, “it's a small warehouse that buys pallets from returns to various stores but mostly Costco.” In fact, these expensive returned items from Costco are often sold at huge discounts you can't find in the store.
The user also informed that several items are returned to the store for unwarranted reasons, saying, “Costco has too much of a relaxed return policy and people abuse it.” While some commenters said that retailers sell pallets of returned items, others showed interest in buying the actual pallets to score new goods or even resell items themselves.