Pizza Hut sign. Isle Verde section of San Juan Puerto Rico

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Pizza Hut Taiwan Is At It Again With Its Halloween Pizza
Pizza Hut’s Taiwan locations have debuted some of the chain’s most unusual flavors and toppings to date. For Halloween 2022, Pizza Hut Taiwan has created a sweet-and-savory spider web-shaped pie decorated with a black garlic mousse (mimicking the strands of a web) and sweet, whole sesame mochi with black dots (resembling eyes) along its pointed edges.
Taiwan News says the pizza’s flavors are associated with different mythical ways to dispatch evil creatures. Pizza Hut Taiwan is no stranger to coming up with otherworldly flavors to mark Halloween; the chain has even led to one Facebook user jokingly saying that Italy should declare war on them for desecrating the classic Italian dish.
Pizza Hut's latest offer stays true to the chain's marketing strategy, described by general manager Antony Leung as “leverag[ing] social listening to understand customers’ preferences.” According to Leung, “Taiwan customers value local flavors and a food sensation,” meaning we shouldn’t expect a plain vanilla, seasonal pizza from Pizza Hut Taiwan anytime soon.