VICKSBURG, MS - FEBRUARY 12: Outside the Popeyes there is a is a sign that reads Its back! Butterfly Shrimp $4.99. Congratulations! Malcolm Butler. (Photo by Stan Grossfeld/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

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Popeyes Allegedly Served A Woman Fried Rat Instead Of Chicken
The unfortunate reality of fast food is that at times you can get something gross in your food; stories of people finding needles, acrylic nails, and other horrifying items aren’t so uncommon. As if those nasty additions weren’t enough, one woman claims to have found a dead rodent in her Popeyes fried chicken.
On October 18, 2022, a woman shared on TikTok that she allegedly received a fried rat in her order of chicken at Popeyes; in the video, she held up an arguably rat-shaped fried piece with something that resembled a rat's tail. After more than two million views, the woman took the video down, but other TikTokers had already reposted it.
Per Daily Dot, a representative for the restaurant chain said Popeyes Chicken is in fact chicken, and they were "confident that no rodent was featured" in the TikTok video. Regardless, for customers' peace of mind, the franchise that served the rat-like chicken is under investigation to ensure quality.