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Popular Jack In The Box Menu Items, Ranked Worst To Best
25. Ultimate Cheeseburger
Featuring Swiss cheese, American cheese, ketchup, mayo, and mustard on a pair of beef patties, this burger has too many competing flavors. As a result, this burger is practically nothing but a mushy, gooey, soggy-textured, unappetizing mess.
24. Chicken Sandwich
Jack in the Box's chicken sandwich features a chicken patty in a bun topped with mayo and lettuce. However, the chicken patty is dry and as devoid of flavor as the bun, making the sandwich taste worse than it appears at first glance.
23. Mini Churros
Unlike the doughy, buttery Twisted Churros at Costco, Jack in the Box's churros are so stiff that you'll be convinced they're stale. Moreover, they are coated with too much cinnamon and sugar, and are even smaller than their name suggests.
22. French Fries
Although these not-too-salty, girthy fries come hot in a generous amount, they don't have much flavor, and their chalky texture is off-putting. As a consequence, you’ll need to douse these fries with a whole lot of ketchup to mask their chalkiness.
21. Jack's Spicy Chicken
Compared to the Chicken Sandwich, this one has an upgraded bun and tomato slices added to the lettuce and mayo, but it is too crunchy, and the spiciness level is way too mild. The chicken patty is big, but the heat will surely let you down.