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Prepare Your Burgers The Night Before If You're Planning A BBQ
Whether you’re tired of throwing burger patties down on the grill grate only to see them crumble, or tired of spending gatherings stuck in the kitchen forming burger patties instead of spending time with your guests, you’re not alone. Forming your patties in advance and letting them rest in the fridge overnight can resolve your BBQ woes.
"If you get this done the day before, set them in the fridge so they stay nice and firm — that way they don't fall apart on the grill," says celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Be sure to give your patties a few minutes out of the fridge before placing them on the grill in order to prevent them from being undercooked and crumbly.
Once the patties are on the grill, be sure to let them cook for a few minutes on each side, since the less you move them, the less likely they are to fall apart. It's really as easy as that: The cooking part of your day is done, so you have ample time to enjoy your hassle-free burgers.