The entrance of a Publix store.


Publix's Cake Fail Gives Literal A Whole New Meaning
It’s not uncommon for bakery employees to mess up instructions for a birthday cake, resulting in funny or tragic decorating results.
One TikTok user discovered this for herself when her mother received a Publix supermarket birthday cake reading, “Just happy birthday is perfect, thank you.”
The person responsible for submitting the order didn't realize that the bakery workers would transcribe exactly what was written in the request.
In an interview with Today, the TikToker explained that the cake was ordered through the Publix app. They said, “She wrote that message not thinking it would be taken literally.”
To no one's surprise, the internet loved the TikTok about the Publix cake fail. One person wrote, “Getting a cake like that would literally make it the best birthday ever.”