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Queen Elizabeth's Practical Food Philosophy Is So Relatable
Although Queen Elizabeth II could essentially have anything she wanted, she kept her food choices relatively simple. This piece of information was shared by author Bryan Kozlowski in his book, "Long Live the Queen! 13 Rules for Living from Britain's Longest Reigning Monarch."
Per Kozlowski, Her Majesty wasn't particular regarding what she ate because "to her, food is just fuel," — and the royal staff oftentimes ate more extravagant dishes than the royal family itself. The queen, however, did have a notebook at the table to jot down any thoughts regarding her meals.
So, what exactly did the queen eat? According to chef Darren McGrady, she started her day with a bowl of Special K cereal, typically enjoyed grilled fish or chicken along with a gin and Dubonnet cocktail for lunch, and had even more meats and vegetables with a glass of champagne for dinner. Most importantly, she had a great love for chocolate cake.