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Rachael Ray's Dog Has
Her Own Apartment In The Chef's Italian Villa
The cooking mogul Rachael Ray’s love for pets is a well-known phenomenon among her fans, and her first pup, Isaboo, quickly stole the spotlight thanks to frequent mentions and cameos on Ray’s show. Although Isaboo passed away in May 2020, Ray and her husband quickly adopted a new rescue dog named Bella, and she’s become a part of the family already.
The Rachael Ray Show shared an Instagram post of what it called “Bella’s place,” located in Ray’s Italian Villa, where the pup has her own apartment while she is there. The video is made to seem like an apartment tour by Bella herself, who shows off a large space with a beautiful open kitchen, living room, dining room table, and many more amenities.
Ray’s fans truly embraced Bella’s space, and poured their love with descriptions like “Cozy and adorable,” “Special,” and “beautiful,” while others used humorous skepticism over the fact that she has things like “her own stove.” Ray’s Italian dream home also features a meaningful mural that has Bella’s name inscribed on it.