A can of Campbell's soup


Ranking Campbell's Soup Flavors From Worst To Best
11. Split Pea With Ham
Campbell's Chunky Split Pea With Ham's niche appeal means many may not appreciate its charm. It is an acquired taste for even the most staunch soup lovers.
Unfortunately, a peculiar, overwhelming chemical smell wafts from the bowl, likely from the natural smoke flavor that packs a debilitating punch and leaves a bitter aftertaste.
10. Sirloin Steak
The taste of Chunky Sirloin Steak with Hearty Vegetables leaves much to be desired, and its runny texture doesn't help. It lacks body, thickness, and heartiness.
The greatest offense is the lack of steak. The scant morsels of meat you stumble upon are like rare treasures — the picture on the label is misleading.
9. Savory Pot Roast
Campbell's has a reputation for offering soups that emulate homemade flavors pretty well, but Chunky Savory Pot Roast is a bit of a letdown.
In a pot roast soup, you expect a hearty blend of meat, carrots, and spuds, but the ingredients got their roles mixed up, and the potatoes erroneously took center stage.
8. Sirloin Burger
Campbell's Chunky Sirloin Burger With Country Vegetables is a mouthful of a name, alluding to the kind of soup that could make even a lumberjack feel full.
The soup is filling, but the burger pieces are on the thinner side, and there's a scarcity issue compared to the other food bits. Some might also find this soup a touch too salty.
7. Tomato
Campbell's Tomato Soup has a nostalgic quality to it. Like many tomato-based dishes, it has a slightly bitter aftertaste, but the sweetness masks it well.
The best part of this soup is its versatility. It's creamy and dense and perfect with accompaniments like crispy crackers, gooey grilled cheese, goldfish, or pita bread.