three different flavors of Celsius


Ranking Every Celsius Flavor From Worst To Best
Sparkling Cola
CELSIUS tries to capture the essence of Coca-Cola in energy drink form; however, it falls short as some say it has an artificial aftertaste like regular soda.
Its flavor profile resembles Tik Tok's healthy Coke recipe, which tastes eerily like expired pickles and tears.
Kiwi Guava
The Kiwi Guava contains a heaviness and a mouthfeel similar to cough syrup. It tastes similar to the aroma and contains notes of guava soda and Hi-Chews.
The kiwi flavor is muted, and one review on Influenster said it tasted like beer. Others say it has an overwhelmingly guava-like taste without the sugar crash of candy or juice.
Mango Passionfruit
This flavor is more disappointing than anything; it has the same syrupy heaviness as the Kiwi Guava flavor but with more mango than guava.
It tastes exactly like the aroma of mango syrup but with a mouth-clenching tartness that is presumably supposed to mimic passionfruit.
Strawberry Guava
Like Kiwi Guava, TikTok user Bigsommenergy says it tastes more like “Guava Strawberry.” He found notes of pear and roses but no strawberry.
The immense amount of guava didn't bother him as much as the drink's overall heaviness and lack of a crisp, refreshing taste.
Wild Berry
The flavor tastes more like fruit salad than actual fruit. This flavor is not worth it as some say it tastes like medicine and Flintstones Vitamins.