The Las Vegas strip at night


Ranking Las Vegas Casino Buffets From Worst To Best
13. Market Place Buffet
At the Rampart Casino in the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort about 20 minutes from the Strip, Market Place is the only Vegas casino buffet with outdoor seating.
Underwhelmed diners complain about the lack of selection and the items they do have aren't particularly flavorful, so it's not even worth the money, let alone the trip.
12. Fresh Buffet
Just behind The Strip, Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino’s Fresh Buffet is just slightly better in food quality. Unfortunately, patrons find its name misleading.
Some diners complain that desserts appear store-bought and sometimes expired, and others point to discolored fruit, soggy fried chicken, and tasteless meats as items to avoid.
11. Garden Buffet
Just south of the core hotels, South Point Hotel Casino & Spa’s Garden Buffet is an affordable option, but there's nothing particularly special about this venue.
Except for the intrigue of Mongolian barbecue, visitors agree that most of the options here are standard fare and not terribly well prepared, but it's easy to fill your belly here.
10. The Buffet
The Buffet at Luxor on The Strip isn’t terribly expenisve, but the vibe is more tacky than chic. Diners describe the food as standard preparations of standard fare.
You're better off heading to other mid-tier buffets on The Strip if this is your desired price point, unless you really love the Egyptian motif.
9. MGM Grand Buffet
The MGM Grand Buffet was once a venue of gluttonous legend, but suffers some logistical issues that make it considerably less convenient or enjoyable.
Patrons don't like the awkward layout, cumbersome lines, and others are disappointed that soft drink service has become self-serve, downgrading a formerly indulgent experience.