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Reddit Can’t Believe How Good Costco’s Lumpia Is
Costco is beloved for many reasons, from their $1.50 hot dog and food court pizza to their affordable liquor and competitively priced big-ticket items. Now there’s one more reason to love the superstore, as Costco has started selling lumpia that — according to customers — is one of the best frozen foods on their shelves.
Lumpia is a Filipino finger food that evolved from Chinese spring rolls; it’s made from rice or flour dough and stuffed with meat and vegetables before being sealed with an egg wash, fried until crispy, and served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce. Reddit users have taken to the internet to praise Costco’s frozen version.
The item has been so popular the hashtag, #lumpiagang has started appearing on the Reddit thread R/Costco, creating an informal fan group for the food. However, not everyone who wants to get their hands on the snack can; it appears that some Costcos are not stocking lumpia, leaving some customers envious of those who can find it.