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Reddit Can't Believe Someone Just Discovered This Costco Favorite
As most Costco members could tell you about the succulent, whole rotisserie chickens that the chain offers, for $4.99. Despite being a fabled part of Costco lore for years, a longtime member recently admitted on Reddit that they had spent close to a decade shopping at the chain without buying the chicken, leaving many of their fellow Costco fans shocked.
Longtime Costco cardholder and Reddit user u/BigHug420 wasn't aware of Costco's rotisserie chickens until recently. The Redditor confessed, “Been a member for 7 years but today was my first day getting one of the rotisserie chickens," a post that generated a heavy response from fellow Costco shoppers.
"If this is your first rotisserie, were you ever TRULY a Costco member those previous years?”, u/sokali4nia wrote, while another Redditor asked, "Were you vegan this whole time?". Amidst all the roasting, u/PandaForceOne posed the important question, "What is the verdict?" to which u/BigHug420 responded, "I'll be a repeat buyer from here on out."