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Reddit Is Accusing Bakeries Of Just Reselling Costco Desserts
Unethical business practices aren’t uncommon today, and Redditors are quick to call out businesses that engage in deceitful deeds. This time, several Redditors took to the comments section of a Reddit thread showing what appeared to be Costco cookies being sold by a bakery as if they were made in-house.
Commenters discussed the sketchy ways they’ve witnessed smaller businesses make a profit by reselling items, and, as it turns out, the farmer’s market is infamous for reselling Costco goods. When one user commented, “I've seen 'farmers' sell mangos at markets in Colorado,” another exposed the practice saying, “the fruit still has a plu sticker on it.”
Many pointed to smaller operations that used Costco as their main supplier, with one commenter claiming to be a Costco worker noting, "A donut shop […] sells our muffins for $4 each and our croissant for $3 each." While Costco muffins are sold at $7.99 for two six-packs, a pack of 12 croissants retails for $7.45 — meaning companies can make enormous profit using this strategy.
However, commenters on the Reddit thread also discussed how several businesses tried the reselling trick only to have it cost them. "There used to be a mom and pop coffee place nearby that used to resell everything Costco at Starbucks prices ... they don't exist anymore," noted a person on the thread.