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Reddit Is Divided Over The Return Of A Seasonal Trader Joe's Item
Trader Joe's has brought back its Watermelon Cucumber Cooler concentrate for the summer — a product that's become somewhat of a summer staple for some TJ's shoppers and a laughingstock for others. When one Reddit user posted about the drink, writing, "I have a new addiction," the product received mixed reactions.
One user commented, "Perfection on a hot summer day," and another person described it as "their summer fave," saying that they pair it with sparkling water. A number of users wrote that they use it as the base for some kind of cocktail — specifically with vodka, tequila, or gin.
However, someone noted that the drink tastes like "soap," while another Redditor said it "tasted like feet," with several others agreeing with them. A thread moderator shared that the item is "made with organic watermelon juice," can be found with other shelf-stable items in the store for a limited time, and that the suggested retail price is $3.49 for a 64 oz bottle.