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Reddit Is In Disarray Over A Wendy's Bacon Burger Nightmare
In a 2021 study about the rate of order accuracy by QSR, Wendy's came in last place, with an 85.30% order accuracy but the brand tries to do better. However, in August 2022, A Redditor had quite an incident with Wendy's when they ordered a triple bacon burger.
In a post titled, “My tripple [sic] bourbon bacon cheeseburger from Wendy's (exactly as I received it),” the Redditor shared a photo of an open burger containing only fresh onions and crispy onion straws. The specified burger should have three-quarter pounds of beef, Applewood smoked bacon, crispy onions, sweet and smoky bourbon bacon sauce, and American cheese.
The user continued, “What is actually happening at Wendy's locations right now? This is clearly not an accident.” Comments ranged from people exclaiming, “Guy making your burger must be on some real psychedelics or something,” to another self-identified employee admitting, “I work at a Wendy's and let me tell you we are all just high ... we don't know [what] we are doing.”