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Reddit Is In Shambles Over Disney World's Most Expensive Restaurant
Disney World's most expensive restaurant has gotten even pricier. Prices for most services at the park, including entrance fees, have increased steadily over the past few years, with none so much as at Disney's iconic restaurant Victoria & Albert's.
After a recent renovation, Victoria & Albert's reopened with a huge jump in prices, with a prix-fixe meal going from $185 to $295. If a customer wants the wine pairing with the meal, it's an extra $150, which leads to a grand total of $445 per person for one dinner out.
Many fans were upset to hear about the restaurant's price increase and took to Reddit with their complaints, with user Frank2442 pointing out that $295 "is just sadly too much for a young person on a budget." While not everyone is completely put off by Victoria & Albert's price increase, it seems that only time will tell if fans think the quality of experience is worth the cost.