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Reddit Is In Shambles Over The Price Of Aldi Eggs

At this point, you'd basically have to be a 100% self-sustaining homesteader to not be aware of the food inflation crisis. Recently, people have taken to Reddit to vent about the rising prices of food items, and the current outrage is about the cost of eggs at the grocery chain Aldi.

Aldi is supposed to be one of the cheapest grocery stores around, but an August 2 post on the r/Aldi subreddit shows a photo of large grade A eggs with a price of $3.29 per dozen. That's nearly a 200% increase from what it was in June 2021, and some commenters even said that organic eggs were currently priced the same as non-organic eggs near them.

However, a separate USDA report from July 29 fortunately noted that prices for eggs steadied this week and even began to fall. According to the report, "... production is slowly returning closer to last year's more normal production levels," implying prices may begin to stabilize overall.