Bangkok, Thailand-25th March 2017: Burger King restaurant on Sukhumvit Road. Burger joints have become very popuar in Thailand.

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Reddit Is In Shambles Over The Prices At A Los Angeles Burger King
The fast food industry has been particularly affected by the record high inflation of 2022 since it often relies on supplies from other industries for core ingredients like meat. So, it’s no surprise that the rising prices of a Los Angeles Burger King menu left Reddit users in shock.
Fans of the chain went into a frenzy over a picture of the Burger King menu and its prices posted on a Reddit thread, showing a Whopper meal costing nearly $11. One user joked, "Those look like the prices here in Canada...although I guess those are higher since USD is higher."
A former employee argued, "That's just Burger King in general, my dude. I worked at one in Michigan, and the prices weren't much lower. Maybe like 1.50 less [...] 3ish years ago." Thankfully, one user suggested, "Use the app. There's always a deal. I never buy Burger King off the menu."