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Reddit Is In Shambles Over Wendy’s Frosty Size Change
When it comes to frosty treats, Wendy’s aptly named Frosty has to be one of the most iconic. Whether eaten with a spoon, or as a dipping sauce for fries, the Frosty is in a league of its own, but Wendy’s recent changes to the indulgent snack have left fans reeling.
Traditionally, chocolate and vanilla have been the only two flavor options when it comes to Frostys, but Wendy’s has recently swapped out the vanilla flavor for strawberry. Along with the flavor change, some loyal fans have noticed that the cups are smaller, with one Redditor posting a picture depicting their large Frosty cup a good inch shorter than the spoon it comes with.
Other Redditors have agreed that the treats seem smaller than before, with one user noting that the original Frosty size was 20 ounces while newer versions are only 19 ounces. Some commenters have pointed out that the change is probably just another example of shrinkflation, with some restaurants and stores downsizing their offerings to cope with inflation.