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Reddit Is Roasting A Chick-Fil-A Karen For A Very Simple Reason

Chick-fil-A is known for its famous chicken sandwich, seasonal milkshakes, and exceptional service, but no restaurant can be right all time — even if the issue is pretty much the customer's fault. One Chick-fil-A customer took to Reddit to complain about their experience at their local store, and they didn't quite receive the response they expected.

The Redditor posted two pictures of their order with the caption, "They really gave me 1 sauce." The first picture was of a 30-count chicken nugget entree with one honey-roasted BBQ sauce, and the second picture was of their order summary; the image of their receipt ended up being the OP's downfall, as other commenters quickly called them out.

One user wrote, "That[']s all you asked for[,] that[']s all they gave you [...] If you press it once[,] it'll only put one. Press it until you have the desired sauce amount." The original poster defended themselves, saying GrubHub offered no option to select how many sauces they wanted and they assumed a 30-piece would come with more.

Another user offered insight from a fast food worker's perspective, but was more sympathetic, writing, "On our end, we see 1 sauce, we put 1 sauce. There should be an option on G[rub]h[ub] to select multiple or leave a special request/ comment." However, at the end of the day, there's no way to magically know how many sauces a customer wants.