RICHMOND, CA - MARCH 02:  A Costco customer pushes a cart as he leaves a Costco Warehouse store March, 2, 2006 in Richmond, California. Costco Wholesale Corporation, the nation's largest warehouse club operator, reported an 11 percent increase in quarterly sales, beating second quarter estimates.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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Reddit Is Roasting Costco’s Latest Nitro Cold Brew
Costco is known for its wide range of affordable products, from toiletries to liquor and everything in between. It even has its own subreddit, r/costco, where Costco connoisseurs can discuss products, including “Rise” nitro cold brew coffee.
According to Reddit, “Rise” nitro cold brew might not be the best option for the US’s 154 million daily coffee drinkers. One unhappy customer posted a picture of the cold brew on r/costco with a caption stating, “I would consider it caffeinated creamer…Do not recommend.”
Some Redditors agreed with the negative review, but other users came to the drink’s defense, with one saying that the cold brew is strong and is better when diluted with “frothed dairy.” Forums like r/costco are helpful, but the best way to know if you’ll like something is always to try it yourself.