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Reddit Is Seriously Divided Over This Egg Cooking Technique
Preparing eggs at home is a common practice, but it seems that home cooks cannot really decide on how to properly cook one. Going by the comments section of an August 2022 thread on r/eggs, Reddit users are clearly divided over the best way to cook eggs on the stove.
It all started when a Redditor posted a picture of their heavily seasoned sunny-side-up eggs in a pan with no lid on and asked, “do y'all cook eggs with the lid on or off?” Commenters dropped their opinions, with one person saying, “sunny side always ON, I like them runny but if the lid is off there's a layer of raw transparent egg that's gross to me.”
It was the runny yolk that had Reddit divided. While one person said the “snotty egg raw egg bit is abhorrent,” others said they preferred the runny yolk and offered some cooking tips as well. Suggested hacks for ensuring a perfectly runny yolk included flipping the egg over for a few seconds and spooning hot oil onto the yolk.