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Reddit May Have Spotted A New Taco Bell Drink Flavor

Taco Bell is always coming out with new items, and now Taco Bell fans on Reddit are excitedly talking about the possibility of another drink making its way into Taco Bell outlets across the country. It seems that someone spilled the beans and revealed that this time around, the chain is probably going to launch a new sparkling tea flavor.

A Reddit user shared a poster that hinted at a new Brisk Sparkling Tea flavor called the Dragon Paradise, asking others if the drink will actually be available soon. One commenter confirmed, “We've got it in Colorado! We also replaced our pink lemonade with strawberry lemonade.”

There were also confirmations that the drink was spotted in Northeastern Louisiana, parts of California, Ohio, Arizona, Missouri, and Dallas. Per the Brisk website, the hibiscus iced tea is a combination of several flavors, such as raspberry, dragon fruit, and blackberry, and it can only be found at Taco Bell outlets.