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Reddit Noticed A Major Change To Aldi's Mac And Cheese
When one Redditor shared a photo of Aldi's mac and cheese appearing to be distinctly orange in color and asked, "Why is Aldi's mac and cheese bright orange now?" it was clear that other Aldi shoppers weren't pleased either. One user even blamed the color change on replacing "certain ingredients with cheaper ingredients."
Someone else said it could have resulted from a supplier change, stating, "When the supplier changes, the quality goes down." Others agreed, with some stating that Aldi doesn't manufacture its products and some adding that supplier changes with Aldi products frequently.
The original poster wasn't thrilled with the change, saying the macaroni and cheese now "looks and tastes radioactive." Although the boxed meal, being retailed for $0.33, might still be worth the purchase, one Redditor disagrees, saying, "no man [sic] and cheese is safe at this point."