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Redditors Are Furious With Trader Joe's After Reading An Employee's Note
According to a petition from 2020, one Trader Joe’s employee sexually assaulted female coworkers "on a regular basis," but the investigation was dropped, and the employee kept his job. The petition states that this decision on Trader Joe's part "violates the company's core values and sends us a message that sexual misconduct is acceptable in the workplace."
Recently, shoppers at a Trader Joe's in Pennsylvania returned to their cars to find a note from employees. Per the note, posted on Reddit, several female employees have been "silenced by the management" after reporting sexual harassment as well as misconduct, and were left with no choice but to find new jobs, while "their abusers continue to be part of our team."
Redditors soon reached out to Trader Joe's corporate office, and one person commented that their concerns were met with a statement that the allegations are "untrue" and "everything is fine at the stores." Former employees said the company did not allow anonymous reporting, and several shared their own accounts of coworkers who faced no consequences for harassment or misconduct.